When you thought God spoke an original idea to you….LOL

This is a new blog…initially named Inside Out People. I thought the Lord had given me an original idea, but then I happened upon another ministry with the same name, then did a search and behold, the angel of the Lord, just kidding, behold, there were several ministries with that name.

So, before I go any further, I’m changing my site name. I was very influenced by the Truth Project bible study I’m doing and the giftings the Lord has blessed me with by His grace in the naming of this blog.

My passions:

  • Jesus
  • God’s truth, biblical worldview (timeless and what God says, not what the world says)
  • Prayer, lots of persistent and fervent prayer
  • Faith and increasing faith, childlike faith, and not putting God in a box
  • His Word and living by it
  • Working out our salvation with fear and trembling before Him, from glory to glory, and much grace
  • Desiring Spiritual gifts
  • and more

I always want to be led by the Lord and believe we’ve each walked through things that will become or have been our training and preparation for our specific ministries. The more we walk with Jesus, the more we will feel for what He feels. The more we won’t be able to deny His truth, not matter how hard His saying is about them are, the more we won’t be able to look away and harden our hearts.

Prayerfully listening to what He’d have me say.



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