Happy Mother’s Day and a Special Word for Single Moms

Happy Mother s Day and a Special Word for Single Moms

Happy Mother’s day…and a special word for single moms.

Lord, comfort the single mommas in a special way today. Holidays can magnify the loneliness especially when we have kids who may not know how to honor us this day without the help of a spouse.

We CAN be BOTH fully grateful to the Lord for what we DO HAVE while still hoping and praying for more. God does not see our hopes and dreams for better days as ungrateful.

Maybe you are praying for a spouse….He’s the One who says TWO ARE BETTER than one. When one falls down, there is someone there to pick you up.

Maybe you are hoping for more help, provision, and better circumstances for you and your child(ren)…He’s the one who says, “Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart.”

He is the giver of dreams! Don’t allow anyone to rebuke you for dreaming and having the desire to see your dreams come true because they don’t make you ungrateful. They make you in line with His Word.

I pray this blesses you in Jesus’ name, amen.

2 responses to “Happy Mother’s Day and a Special Word for Single Moms”

    1. hiswarringhandmaid Avatar

      Thank You. God bless you abundantly beautiful woman and warrior for God. Happy Mother’s Day to you to for you are a spiritual one to me. ❤


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