God is Raising Up Those Whose Only Agenda is His Agenda

E2S-E2H with HWH-2

This year the Holy Spirit spoke to me and said that He is “raising up those whose only agenda is His agenda.”

While I have been in “pause and pray” mode for several weeks now, the Lord again reminded me of what He spoke. Isn’t that what every believer should want? I do. Especially as He made it a point to mention it to me. It must be vitally important to Him, His heart, and the work He longs to do through His children in the earth to prepare the end times church.

As a result, especially on social media, I am merging the ministry idea he gave me, E2S-E2H (eyes to see, ears to hear’ Matthew 13:16) and His Warring Handmaid with most of the emphasis on the ministry portion. But I will leave the website address as is so I don’t mess up the posts, etc.

I don’t want to have a ministry that says, “Look at me,” in any way, but look at Jesus. Look at what Jesus did and is doing in the earth in this time through His people. *in tears just typing those words*

There’s nothing wrong with someone having a site in their name of course but is something that is important to me and in line with the Word He gave me.

Of course, I still believe God wants us to share our testimonies to encourage others and build their faith but with a bent that gives Him all the glory. Him and His love, goodness, and mighty works. I believe every child of God is called into ministry to show the love of Jesus to others no matter what they do for a living. The lost and hurting are all around us.

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