Prayer for Prodigal Sons and Daughters for Mothers – “Calling in the Prodigals and Stolen Identities”

Words to prayer:

Lord, Your Word says in Psalm 112, “Praise the Lord! Blessed is the man who fears the Lord, Who delights greatly in His commandments. His descendants will be mighty on earth.” Father, manifest Your Word that can’t return void in my life regarding my child.

Draw my child day and night by Your Holy Spirit. Your Word says in Job 33:15-16, “In a dream, in a vision of the night, When deep sleep falls upon men, While slumbering on their beds, Then He opens the ears of men, And seals their instruction.” According to Your Word, seal their instruction as they sleep, every time, Lord God. Give them visitations in their dreams. Manifest Yourself to them for the sake of Your servant.

Your Word says in Is 54:13 that ALL my children will be taught by You and GREAT will be their peace. So, I take You for Your Word that You are teaching my child right now, so their peace is great as peace can only be found in You. So this mightily, Lord God.

Your Word says in Deuteronomy 28:4 that the fruit of my womb is blessed. It is not blessed to be lost, astray, and chained to the works of the devil. Lord my God. I ask that You break every chain right now for my child. That the fruit of my womb be blessed and line up with Your Word and truth, to know You and walk with You on the narrow path all the days of their life.

Order my child’s steps on the path of righteousness. Cause every step they take to lead them closer to Your Son, Jesus. Bombard them with the true gospel of Jesus Christ at every turn using credible Christian witnesses and messengers. Hedge out all bad company from my child’s life that no leaven can spoil their life. Bow the heavens and the earth to save my child and/or cause my child to turn from their sinful ways and run into You open, loving arms again. I can see the time is short. Have mercy, Lord.

Ezekiel 19:10 says, “Your mother was like a vine in your bloodline, planted by the waters, fruitful and full of branches because of many waters. The Lord showed me to lay hands on my womb for my son (for many reasons) and prophetically pray this way because as his mother, I am the “root” of my son, Like Jesus is known as the root of David and Jesse – their descendants. So, if we can’t lay hands on our children directly we can do this as an act of faith as the Holy Spirit led me.

Lord, I break the power of satan over my child, every lie, every confusion, every deception, every curse, every stronghold in the name of Jesus. Open their eyes to see you and their ears to hear You, Lord God. Lord, I take authority over every demonic, familiar, and afflicting spirit in their lives and command them to go in the name of Jesus. I renounce every iniquity in our lives and our children’s all the way back to Adam in the name of Jesus, amen.


16 responses to “Prayer for Prodigal Sons and Daughters for Mothers – “Calling in the Prodigals and Stolen Identities””

  1. This is absolutely beautiful!!


    1. The Holy Spirit is our perfect and amazing Teacher. I have been praying like this, laying hands on my womb re my son and seeing God move and soften his heart again about Him, prayer etc. Thank You Lord!


  2. Pray for our daughter Hannah. She is deceived in her identity, living a homosexual life. I know and believe the power of prayer to the Glory of our Great God and King Jesus Christ.


    1. I’m so sorry you and your family are going through this and AMEN God hears and moves through our prayers. Father, draw Hannah and her heart to You continually. Open her eyes and ears to hear You and Your truth. We say to those lying and deceiving spirits in her life BE SILENT and go in the name of Jesus. Lord we speak life that Hannah you are a child of God – saved, sanctified and born of His Spirit. You are NOT a lie and living the devil’s lie. You are Christ’s and your identity is His and in Him alone. Lord, Send credible Christian witnesses to Hannah at every turn Lord God. Who will love her like Jesus and not withhold Your truth at the same time. We only believe and know You are at work right now bringing her into Your fold. Into Your open loving arms. In Jesus’ name amen.


      1. Can you pray for my daughter Ashlee as well as she too is living a homosexual lifestyle. Thank you and God Bless


        1. Sure thing MK. Not God’s will for her life. Lord You love Ashlee far above all human ability and You hear and answer the prayers of parents. Lord we thank You that Ashlee is blessed bc MK is Your child. We thank you that You are drawing her and sending laborers to the harvest. Bring Ashlee home. Save her and fill her with Your Spirit and make her a vessel for Your glory to be a Fisher of men and women for the saving and setting free of captives in Jesus’ name amen.


    2. My daughter is doing the same 😭


      1. Please pray for my prodigal daughter living a homosexual lifestyle. Thank you and God Bless


        1. Praying with you. Lord, we rebuke and bind the enemy and command every lie of satan to be silenced now. We command her blind eyes and deaf ears (spiritually) to be open to hear You clearly. We command any blindness of the mind to go now. In the name of Jesus amen. And Lord drive out all bad influence from her life and bring the right believers to love her towards You.


  3. I apologize, I left my prayer request last month but u can pray again if you like. Thank you


  4. I also have an autistic son. Pray for his healing. Thank you


    1. It’s God’s will to heal your son. Lord Jesus You were wounded with stripes so her son could be healed. You already bore autism for her son. You carried (past tense) all his infirmities and we receive that healing by faith in Jesus name amen. We also curse autism at its roots and command it to bear fruit NO MORR and to be removed and cast into the sea in Jesus’ name amen


  5. Please pray for my child ricky that he returns home and his identity is restored in Jesus Christ. Amen


    1. Praying sister. Lord, draw precious Ricky to You by Your Spirit. Let Him feel You love and peace and joy. Open his eyes to see he’s called to his true identity in Christ as a joint heir and as royal in You. In Jesus name amen.


  6. Please pray for my daughter Gabrielle. So rebellious and bitter.
    Thank you.


    1. Precious mama of Gabrielle, I understand. God gave us many beautiful promises for our children, and says with those promises we can “call those things that be not as if they already are.” Because the Word is the sword of the Spirit, it is a weapon against the powers of darkness working in her life. So Father, we will do as You instruct…

      Gabrielle, you rise up and call your mother blessed, you are mighty in the earth for God and blessed because you are the fruit of your mother’s womb. We bind you the the narrow path with God where His Word is a lamp unto your feet. Lord, drive out any and all bad company from her life and surround her with holy and righteous influences. Lord, we uproot that bitter root in her daughter, and curse it dead, and apply Your blood to it so it may whither and be NO more in the name of Jesus.

      Father, each child is different, no two the same, so Lord, give Therese wisdom on how to minister specifically to Gabrielle and show here when to use “love warfare” to overcome evil in their lives…all in Jesus’ name, amen.

      God bless you so much, sister.


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