44 DAYS OF EMERGENCY 9-1-1 PRAYER from Operation Outcry & Cry.Life

Photo by Aslak Sønderland on Pexels.com

From the site, Cry.Life

 “We believe the 22 days leading from Mother’s Day to Pentecost, and the following 22 days from Pentecost to Father’s Day, offer a historically unique (coronavirus lockdown) opportunity to corporately cry out to God in prayer. We are praying for the family, for justice, and for men, women, and children to live together in the way God intended for us to live. We need to repent of our sins, return to God, and learn to live the way God wants us to with justice, faithfulness, and mercy.”

We as God’s people, the church, must take this shake up, wake up call from the Lord very seriously. The church has given place to the devil in almost every area of this nation. Yes, the church because we are called to be cities on a hill – every one of us – examples for the world to follow – not the other way around. Before this lockdown – AKA shut in with God – most of the church was in an atrocious state. Passive, prayerless, lukewarm, silent about evil and often even complicit in it. I pray this great waking and shaking up, drastically changes the state of the church for good, with the heart to live for Jesus and build HIS kingdom.

There MUST be a turning – a sincere, heartfelt repentance to return to the Lord with all our hearts, to forsake the ways of this world, and to cry out against wickedness and take appropriate actions as faith without works is dead.

Please check out the above link for more information. There are PDF prayer guides in it as well.

There are several prayer efforts in addition to this one for our nation and the nations going on that you may already be a part of until Pentecost and beyond. Praise God!


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