Book Review, “Streams in the Desert,” my favorite devotional

I became a child of God in 2002 and found this devotional shortly after. I moved and misplaced this devotional a couple times and always replaced it as soon as I could. Each devotional is rich in godly wisdom based on its author (and those she quoted) having lived and experienced the Word of God in a deeply personal manner.

Though, I do not read it every day (so much to read, the Word, etc.), the Holy Spirit will prompt me to grab it and read it, and there is always a powerful word from Him in it on that day that I really need to hear or confirming the things He’s been speaking to my heart and/or teaching me in His Word.

Each devotional takes a couple minutes to read. Though, I love to read through them slowly, spiritually digesting each word and pausing to see if the Lord would have anything else to expand on from what I am reading.

There are 366 devotionals, so one for each day including for leap years.

You can purchase it through the “buy” link above or here.

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