The Book I am Starting Soon – “No! God Didn’t Give You a Sick Child: God Wants Your Child Healed from Autism and Other Disabilities Through the Power of the Word”

In this book I will address some of the controversial verses in the Word of God such as Exodus 4:11, “So the Lord said to him, “Who has made man’s mouth? Or who makes the mute, the deaf, the seeing, or the blind? Have not I, the Lord?” in context of all of scripture as well as the New Covenant mediated by Jesus Christ. I will also compare bible versions so you can see that faulty translations (from the original language) exist, etc.

I will also talk about when healing is progressive or when symptoms fluctuate because this causes many to give up and falsely declare that healing must not be God’s will. I will probably also talk more about the spiritual (demonic) influences of diseases and disorders of the mind.

That’s all I know about it now. I also have no idea when I will finish it. My writing style is I literally pray and talk to the Lord as I write, so sometimes it can take time. Lots of seeking the Lord in prayer, praying in the Spirit, walking and talking to God then running for my phone or a notebook to jot down the revelation or story example He dropped into my spirit.

I also need to get my new book formatted into its paperback version (not my favorite thing to do at all because Word freaks out sometimes and doesn’t do what I want – LOL! e.g. 9 out of 10 headings are the correct size (per set style), but then one of them says, “Meh, not today writer,” and is like 10 x’s bigger than the others. No idea why this happens).

In addition, I need to work on this in a way that makes sense and will best minister to readers…

I think I will put a live link to it soon, and you can view it as it’s being created and added to. Yes, it may look like a hot mess at first, but it will come into order with God’s help. ❤ I’m so sorry I didn’t link to it yet in my eBook. I want it to be exactly right, and it’s not there yet.

God bless you and yours and thanks for visiting!

3 responses to “The Book I am Starting Soon – “No! God Didn’t Give You a Sick Child: God Wants Your Child Healed from Autism and Other Disabilities Through the Power of the Word””

  1. Thanks for this! You encourage my faith in Jesus… is there any live chat or Facebook page I can follow you and we can chat?


    1. hiswarringhandmaid Avatar

      I can see your email from my comments inside WordPress. I will email you from there and then I can pray for specifically for your son as you desire to share. I’m not on social media so much because not enough time because I’m working, writing, etc.


    2. hiswarringhandmaid Avatar

      I emailed you by the way. Just in case it goes to spam.


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