LIVE link to list: Autism Symptoms Healed in Jesus’ name for my son

This is incomplete, in progress, and unedited, please click on image above to view the PDF. I’ll be working on it, adding to it, and editing it as I am able.

Yesterday, I thought about how anyone who looks at the symptoms of autism spectrum disorder individually would want a child healed from ALL said symptoms which vary, but here are some I’ve seen posted from moms in anguish – many of these in one child alone (e.g. OCD, tormenting repetitive behaviors, cytokine storm in brain causing brain inflammation/blood-brain barrier damage, damaged gut/digestion, many food intolerances, head ramming and banging, loss of speech, self-injury, aggression towards entire family, destruction, eating drywall, fear, fear, and more fear, etc. etc. etc.).

But then at the same time, there’s a militant group of parents who attack and pounce when someone says they want their child healed from autism spectrum DISORDER or who want to learn how they can prevent it in future pregnancies (children) since they have already another child with it.

It’s as if they’re blind to this MASSIVE symptom list for these children the moment they hear the label: autism (or that the entire name of it contains the word DISORDER which means chaos).

Who could pull such trickery on these parents? Why the devil himself of course. Don’t fall for it, moms and dads who know what the Word says about all sickness, disease, and disorders: By His stripes, they were healed.

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