The Great Grace Prayer List

TO SUBMIT YOUR CHILD’S NAME to the GREAT GRACE prayer 🙏 list , please click on the form just below and complete it. Then, I will be AUTO-NOTIFIED and your child/children AUTO-ADDED to the prayer list that we may pray together as the family of God ❤️ for their total healing and deliverance from autism spectrum disorder: ➡️

Sending out once a week, so if you missed the prayer email for the week, you’ll receive it on the next send. Thank you and God bless.

To learn more, please watch this video below…

5 responses to “The Great Grace Prayer List”

  1. Pray for Jessie🙌🏻

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  2. Oh lord, perfect my son’s health

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  3. Oh lord please help my daughter delilah with her speech and eat more healthier help her consume all the Nutrition food she need for her body amen

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  4. Oh Lord heal my son chisomo from autism

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