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Autism Healing and Deliverance is about the supernatural healing from autism spectrum DISORDER through the power of the Word of God and prayers of faith (James 5:15). Not regarding through medical interventions and therapies*.

More and more children and young adults are being healed from autism spectrum DISORDER by the healing stripes of Jesus Christ as they or their parents take Him for His Word. Jesus took autism spectrum disorder. Hallelujah!

*God is not against using medicine to treat e.g. the brain and gut inflammation caused by autism spectrum disorder, etc. However, learning how to stand on the Word of God to receive one’s child’s healing from ASD by faith is the focus of this site.

Kindly Note: I do NOT respond to hate email nor would I ever go to others’ sites who believe differently than how the Bible defines sickness, disease, and disorders like ASD and send them hate mail.

The Jesus Took Autism Book Series was written for likeminded believers in Jesus Christ standing on the Word of God for His promises of healing for their child.

Disagreeing with someone regarding autism spectrum disorder does NOT equal hating them. Sadly, that’s a popular lie the enemy has used to deceive this generation and far too many have fallen for it. Will you allow it to be you too?

Disagreeing = The free will given to us by God to have a differing opinions on matters.

What ever happened to “if you know one person who has autism you know one person with autism”?

Translation. No one person with autism spectrum disorder gets to speak for anyone else who has autism spectrum disorder nor can one understand what it’s like to be in another’s shoes.

One may ask the Lord to search their heart to see where the desire to dictate what others affected by autism spectrum disorder should believe is coming from?

Keep in mind that visiting this site or partaking of its related material is done so by one’s free will.

Many children and families are suffering greatly because of autism spectrum disorder . I pray that people stop hardening their hearts against these precious children and families and that the scales from their eyes blinding them to their own hardened hearts be removed.

See also: ‘I’m scared of my own autistic child’ [Link] – BBC News

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