If you feel that the Holy Spirit is leading you to support this ministry with a one time gift or regular (monthly) support, you can do so using the PayPal option below.

This is not a 501c3, and I have no intention of going in that direction because I do not have the Lord’s peace regarding partnering with the government to do so nor using tax deductions as an incentive for giving.

Our model is Jesus, and He never set up a non-profit organization nor partnered with the government, so that others could then bless His ministry.

Salvation, healing, and deliverance are free gifts provided by grace through faith because of Jesus Christ, not of works.

Therefore, supporting this teaching and writing ministry is for the following:

  • Assists it in donating more free books to parents, ministries who teach healing is part of the atonement but don’t have scriptural material that directly applies to autism spectrum disorder, Christian children’s homes, and to whomever else the Holy Spirit leads.
  • Allows for more time to create instructional scripture-based materials to reach others to encourage and exhort them in their faith to receive their child’s total head-to-toe healing from ASD.


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