Caretaker PTSD and Autism: Some Practical Help and Prayer | Stress Levels Like a Combat Soldier


Autism spectrum disorder is no joke. Don’t allow anyone to gaslight you or minimize the stress levels it can cause on its main caretaker – most often the mother. And if you’re a follower of Christ, never allow anyone to normalize a sickness in your child nor get you to equate your child with a disorder as a replacement of who he or she is as a person or his or her personality.

A disorder that radically alters the brain, development, causes regression, etc., rendering the child in a perpetual childlike state often controlled by fear and disorders like OCD is robbing a child of who he/she truly is and is not normal or good in the eyes of the Lord.

John 10:10 says, “The thief comes to steal, kill, and destroy, but I (Jesus) have come that you may have life and have it more abundantly.” In no way, shape, or form, can I or the many mothers I’ve prayed with ever refer to what autism has done to their children as causing them to “have life and have it more abundantly.” No! Autism lines up perfectly on the steal, kill, and destroy side of things – satan’s territory.

I’ll say this thousands of times: A child is not a disorder. That’s devil deception talk. Not of God. We don’t make the identity of children with cancer: cancer-istic. So why would the church allow a parent to believe they are to equate their child with an affliction simply because it attacks and affects the child’s mind and behaviors?

God forbid a sickness that holds a child’s true self and potential captive be normalized, a sickness often rendering him or her lifelong dependent on others. A sickness that can also greatly traumatize its main caretaker and rob both the child and them of God’s purposes and plans their lives.


I can also add that the PTSD caused by being a caretaker of someone with autism spectrum disorder is similar to PTSD caused by domestic abuse – especially the controlling aspects of autism brought on by the child’s inflexibility/inability to change routines, of course the aggressive/destructive nature it can have, leaving the caretaker (often the mother) feeling like she’s walking on eggshells, very similar to having to do so with an abuser. Of course, for the child, it’s NOT intentional as it is with an abuser but that the effects are similar.

My body became so worn down because of autism with definite signs of PTSD, including acute startle response where I would get startled EXTEMELY easily of someone simply came up behind me to talk. I’d scream out long, blood curdling screams in terror, and my heart would pound.

Anyway, there was definitely a lot of damage to my adrenal glands and health. I was so tired, dragging every day, barely able to to anything, literally to the point where I was like, “Lord, please just put me out of my misery. I’m basically not even alive anyway.” That kind of tired.

But praise God, my son is MUCH better than he used to be, however, I still need healing from the effects of caretaker trauma and PTSD from years of it being so bad before.

I started taking this high quality vitamin C, and within days, I was radically better and able to function again. The reason why it’s good is because it also helps with oxidative stress and most likely supports my adrenal glands – though not tested. Just any old vitamin C will not work. It is this form that is absorbable in a way that has truly helped me.

I’ve recommended it to other parents, and it has also helped them tremendously. For one mom, it is even helping to clear up a case of longtime eczema which must have had a stress trigger to it for her. So praise God for his answer to prayer for that for her as well!

It’s called Perque Potent C Guard Powder, 16 Oz

and it’s available on Amazon =>

I started with 1 tsp a day and now take 2 a day. It is also recommended that you take just enough a day to loosen the bowels at first, then once better take a maintenance amount of 2 to 3 tsp a day.


Father, caretaker PTSD is not Your will for anyone. It’s the devil who comes to steal, kill, and destroy. Your will is life and life more abundantly. Lord, I bless this reader from head to toe with health and life and command all the effects of caretaker trauma to be reversed. Merciful God, I pray her/his child be loosed from the infirmity of autism and any spirits of infirmity related to it. Your Word says the purpose of Jesus coming to the earth was to DESTROY the works of the devil, so destroying those works is Your will, Lord. We decree in the name of Jesus that EVERY work of the devil is destroyed in this reader’s body, life, and in his/her child’s body and life. We praise You for the victory over all sickness in their lives as they take You for Your Word and promises that by Jesus’ stripes they WERE healed and You sent Your Word (Jesus) and HEALED them and delivered them from every destruction in Jesus’ name, amen.

***DISCLAIMER: I am not a licensed medical professional but a prayer warrior, and warrior mom who believes God led me to this treatment in answer to prayer. This is NOT medical advice. Just something I tried and worked wonders for me and others I know.

Please seek the advice of a health professional who can guide you specifically for you and you health needs and potential underlying health issues. Thank you.***

Here are some validating articles. There’s nothing normal or of God about PTSD caused by autism or autism itself: 

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