A Brain on Fire is Not Just Another Neurotype | Praying for Autism to be Healed

Father, continue to help me with what You’d have me say in this work in progress. I need You and depend on You, Your Spirit, grace, and mercy for apart from You, I can do nothing. Help me bring Your truth that sets free to others as well as expose darkness and the works of the devil in people’s lives in Jesus’ name, amen.

An excerpt from the above book I am working on (first rough draft, unedited)…

There has been a horrible, satanically inspired movement that attacks and condemns parents who want their children healed from autism. Attackers accuse them of wanting to heal children afflicted with it from “just who they are.”

Frankly, I cannot repeat the evil I have seen spewed online towards parents who want their children healed and delivered from this disorder (chaos). Simply well, whole, and fulfilling all God has planned for them. Make no mistake. These false accusations come straight from the evil one who never wants to lose his grip on any of our children nor the minds of the many parents he’s convinced to normalize brain-damaging inflammation running amuck in their children’s brains and bodies because that’s “just who they are.”

A look at the brain and gut of a child with autism spectrum disorder tells the real story. A brain on fire in a cytokine storm from the depths of hades is not just another neurotype. A brain on fire with a leaky blood-brain barrier that allows the brain to be damaged and attacked, completely altering children, often disabling them, is not their identity nor representation of their true God-given personalities.

From my work in progress book, Autism is not God’s will for your child

I’m also working on creating an informal list, log, what have you, of every symptom of autism spectrum disorder God has healed my son from so far.

(e.g. 1. extreme noise/hearing sensitivity – I could only speak to him in a soft, gentle whisper most of the time or he’d hold his ears in pain and agony – HEALED AND DELIVERED, NO TRACE LEFT BEHIND! – and my son wasn’t the only one in pain and agony over it. I could never get my voice low and soft enough for him and trying to have a short conversation could take one to two hours, and it hurt my throat to speak like that for hours. We’d both be absolutely exhausted and in tears just from trying to communicate with each other – NOT OF GOD! We recently visited a VERY LOUD arcade called Dave and Busters without a hiccup or thought towards tormenting hearing sensitivity which would have been impossible before. I guess we wouldn’t need those expensive custom made hearing protection ear plugs that he couldn’t stand to wear anyway after all because God said so!;

or 2. Talking out of the side of a twisted mouth with stuck speech – repeating words over and over like they were stuck then melting down in torment and distress because he was unable to say simple words without them “getting stuck” – HEALED AND DELIVERED, NO TRACE LEFT BEHIND! Definitely NOT just who a child is. There are many more healings related to reasoning, rationalizing, the mind, etc.). All glory to God!

My son’s healing in not complete yet, but well on its way, and since healing is God’s will, and Jesus never healed anyone partially, then anything less than total head-to-toe healing in unacceptable. Thus, I press on with God and His Word ALL the way for my son. Also, the list will be free and in PDF form with an appropriate cover.)

All glory to You alone, Great and Mighty God and Healer! I’m trying to create the cover of the healing list now and will link to it in the work in progress (book) above. All glory to God!!! P.S. I’m still working on this list and will add it to the book with an updated file. Asking God to help me organize the list and how to do it. Like adding applicable verses, etc. My apologies. These things (writings) can be fine consuming for me but in a good way. I pray and talk to God as I write. 😊

This may or may not be the final cover of the healing list. I tend to make many covers before I settle. 🙂

2 responses to “A Brain on Fire is Not Just Another Neurotype | Praying for Autism to be Healed”

  1. Surely, the God of Heaven and Earth shall richly bless you for your unshakeable faith, obedience and trust in Him despite overwhelming odds. You are precious to Him because of your faith.


    1. hiswarringhandmaid Avatar

      Thank you, Debra, His promises and yes and amen. Anything else is unacceptable. Not accepting the works of the devil for my son. God bless you. ❤


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