Life AFTER Autism: A Testimony from Tim McDermott

A quote from his testimony…

“The contrast is almost laughable to how I was verses how I am now. I had selective mutism which means in situations that stressed me out, I would just shut up. I would physically not be able to speak, and now I’m on stage and being filmed.”

Now, he’s an ACTOR and PRODUCER! Only God!

If you’re familiar with autism spectrum DISORDER, then you know most of the time the symptoms express themselves as NOT even liking to be looked at, not liking to be around people, getting easily and severely overwhelmed by very little sensory stimulation.

To go from what he WAS like when he was still captive to this DISORDER to how he is now is an absolute miracle.

Glory to God!

This is Tim’s mother who wrote about him and his brother’s total healing from autism

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