FREE eBook promo from 9/3/2021 to Labor Day 9/6/2021

Labor Day weekend eBook promo of my NEW RELEASE: Autism Is Not God’s Will for Your Child (Nor You!): Scriptural Proof This Disorder Exalts Itself Against the Will of God, So You May Take Authority Over Autism in Jesus’ Name

The free eBook promo on Amazon runs from Friday, September 3, 2021, 12 AM, PDT to Monday, September 6, 2021 11:59 PM, PDT.

Kindly share with mamas, papas, caretakers, etc. praying for healing from autism spectrum DISORDER for their children. It will be a wonderful blessing to their faith.

Here’s the book description…

Ever feel like you struggle to find the faith to receive healing for your child from autism? Or wonder if you are fighting against the will of God with your prayers?

I once did. Our good Father does not want you to wonder. His Word makes it clear we can look to it and know His will on a great many things – including autism spectrum disorder.

Filled with scriptural proof and revelation by the Holy Spirit, this book will help you discover the truth that will set you free, so you’ll know with certainty that autism is not God’s will for your child (nor you!). The revelatory teachings found in this book shine the light of His Word onto this disorder fully exposing how it exalts itself against the will of God, so you may take authority over autism in Jesus’ name.

If you’re praying for autism to be healed for your child, then this is a great book to add to your faith arsenal, and may its words destroy every lie the enemy has ever spoken to you about this disorder which is not of God: “For God is NOT the Author of DISORDER but of peace,” (1 Corinthians 14:33).

This book is intended to be a prequel to my book, “Author of Head to Toe Healing from Autism and Other Neuroimmune Disorders – A Book of 31 Scriptural Prayers for Your Child,” but they can be read in any order.

In Christ,
D.R. Warring

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5 responses to “FREE eBook promo from 9/3/2021 to Labor Day 9/6/2021”

  1. Congratulations on birthing another book in the Spirit, that breaks the lies of the enemy and replaces it with the ONLY Word, that is Alive and Active!


    1. hiswarringhandmaid Avatar

      Thank you dear sister. Who can understand anything He says in His Word without the Spirit’s help? No one. So praise God He’s the Teacher that leads us into all truth. God bless.


  2. […] P.S. FREE eBook promo from 9/3/2021 to Labor Day 9/6/2021 of Autism Is Not God’s Will for Your Chil… […]


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