Excerpt: Chapter 3, Sections: Faulty Translations and Original Hebrew

Very rough Table of Contents for work in progress book: No! God Didn’t Give You A Sick Child

Here’s a brief (very rough, unedited) excerpt from my work in progress book, No! God Didn’t Give You A Sick Child, Chapter 3: Illuminating Exodus 4:11, Section, Faulty Translations and Original Hebrew…

Faulty Translations

Let’s look at Exodus 4:11 again in a few bible versions:

  • “So, the Lord said to him, “Who has made man’s mouth? Or who makes the mute, the deaf, the seeing, or the blind? Have not I, the Lord?” (Exodus 4:11 NKJV)
  • “The Lord said to him, “Who gave human beings their mouths? Who makes them deaf or mute? Who gives them sight or makes them blind? Is it not I, the Lord?” (Exodus 4:11 NIV).
  • “Then the Lord said to him, “Who has made man’s mouth? Who makes him mute, or deaf, or seeing, or blind? Is it not I, the Lord?” (Exodus 4:11 ESV)

Notice that the second and third versions (NIV, ESV) were translated as if to imply that God intentionally made people mute and deaf by adding the words “them” and “him.” But a look at the original Hebrew proves that some translations are faulty!

Who knows? Perhaps the translators felt compelled to insert “them” and “him” because they were strongly influenced by their personal denominations’ opinions on healing. I didn’t research the denominations of the NIV (New International Version) and ESV (English Standard Version) translators, so it would be wrong for me to state this as if it is a fact.

I merely added this “perhaps” to make the point that many biblical translations and interpretations may be more influenced by the filter of the translator’s denominational beliefs instead of the filter of the entirety of scripture alone. This is possibly what may have happened to Exodus 4:11 in the NIV and ESV translations.

The Original Hebrew

“So said Yahweh to him who (interrogative) had made the mouth of man or who (interrogative) makes the mute or the deaf or the seeing or the blind [Have] not I Yahweh,” (Exodus 4:11; original Hebrew; typed exactly as seen; notated when a word was labeled as interrogative (question form); source: biblehub.com).

In the original Hebrew, we see “them” and “him” are absent. Thus, in this case, the NKJV (New King James Version) is the best translation for this verse among the selected bible versions (but not necessarily for every verse). [end]

In context of ALL of scripture, you’ll see how the Lord taught me that No, He didn’t give you a sick child.

Current work on progress; probable book cover; Book 3.

The first two books in this intended series are…

Book 1, a short prequel to book two intended to elaborate much more by the Spirit and Word as per the above title; all based on the Word
Book 2: 31 powerful word based prayers of faith and authority with scriptural teachings on healing

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2 responses to “Excerpt: Chapter 3, Sections: Faulty Translations and Original Hebrew”

  1. How’s this book going on?


    1. hiswarringhandmaid Avatar

      Working on it a little at a time as I’m also looking for a job now. But what I’m working on with the book is going great with God’s help. I wish my only job was writing for the Lord. I am asking in prayer of course. 😊❤ Thank you for asking. I am praying for you and your son. God bless you.


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