Thank you so much!

“I am so glad I found your book. Your book is amazing. Thank you Thank you thank you. My mother and I are about to pray night and day. Thank you for making it easier.” – Sandy from the United States (used with permission)

Thank you so much to all those who have taken the time to reach out to me with your beautiful and kind words. They always melt my heart and move me to tears of joy!

I am so passionate about parents receiving the healing Jesus purchased for them by His stripes for their children from autism spectrum disorder and similar neuroimmune/neuroinflammatory disorders.

This book was a labor of love for me and comes from the heart of God. Writing it came with MUCH opposition from the enemy, but the Lord knows my faith is too stubborn to give up on His Word, Name, blood, and power. Glory to You alone, O Lord, who sustained me and got me through all the way to publishing!

This book was also a declaration before God that I took Him for His Word BEFORE I saw any significant changes with my son’s symptoms. Praise Your Holy Name, Lord! He is doing better than ever. I am pressing on with Jesus, who is the Word, towards total victory over every symptom of autism spectrum DISORDER for my beloved son.

For God is NOT the Author of disorder but of peace!

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