Expect Water to Wine Miracles! | Autism Healing and Deliverance

Jesus’ name is Resurrection and Life and the symptoms of autism spectrum disorder are no match for His Word for He is the Word (John 1:1; 14). Hallelujah!

2 responses to “Expect Water to Wine Miracles! | Autism Healing and Deliverance”

  1. Hi. I’m half through with your book, “No God did not give your child autism” I resonate with all of it! I got all three books. Your book series is a weapon. It’s unbelievable to me that people will argue for autism and not believe in healing. God bless you. You have strengthen me dear sister. In Jesus


    1. D.R. Warring, Christian Author Avatar
      D.R. Warring, Christian Author

      I love hearing from warrior mamas in Christ who refuse to normalize and accept ASD and are standing on the Word for their children’s healing. Praise God your child has you as their mama! So glad and encouraged to hear you too see the books as weapons. How the Lord’s heart must be grieved when they fight for autism but refuse to see and believe every brutality Jesus endured to pay for healing in full for all. There’s MUCH deception in the church. So much! We must continually renew our minds with the Word of God, so the lies of the enemy are quickly choked out and not the Word. God bless you. Thanks for commenting and buying my book series. I am blessed to hear from you. ❤


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