Deborah McDermott’s Two Sons Completely Healed of Autism Spectrum DISORDER Testimony (Doctor Verified)

Deborah McDermott’s testimony of her TWO sons that were completely healed from autism spectrum DISORDER is too beautiful not to share again and again.

How were they healed? By Jesus’ stripes (1 Peter 2:24) supernaturally. Real life miracles made possible by the atonement of Jesus Christ who came to set the captives free. Captivity to sickness, disease, and disorders NEVER glorifies the Lord (Isaiah 61).

The Word of God is clear: When the prison doors of sickness, disease, and disorders are opened and those formerly held captive are set free, then He is glorified.

No child is equivalent to nor has the identity of disorder (as in autism spectrum disorder) – the devil is a liar! We are each called to have our identities in Christ alone, but the liar, the devil, had been able to deceive a great many into exalting a disorder (ASD) identity above the one He desires for them to have in Christ.

Lord, we thank You that more and more people are “seeing” Your truth with the help of Your Word and Spirit. Hallelujah!

LIFE AFTER AUTISM…the McDermott brothers…

If you haven’t read this book yet, I highly recommend it, Autism Healed: One Woman’s Fight to Save Her Sons

Description from Amazon: “Deborah, a mother of two young boys with autism, is heartbroken, perplexed and exhausted. Through the pages of her diary, we feel her gut wrenching agony as she helplessly watches her family disintegrate under the ruthless oppression of autism, as it cruelly invades every facet of her children’s lives, their minds, bodies, senses and emotions. Refusing to make peace with the diagnosis, and in a place of unutterable despair, Deborah has an encounter with God, which ignites a fire of hope in her heart. Armed with the revelation that God has already provided healing for her sons, Deborah shares their journey, culminating in the inexpressible joy of complete healing and restoration.”

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