Girl, Hope, Healed from Autism Spectrum Disorder by the Shalom of God | Autism Healing and Deliverance

I love how the Holy Spirit led him to pray for Hope for her healing from autism spectrum disorder. He released the Shalom of God into her. What is that? The Spirit that destroys chaos.

And what does the Lord always have me lead my podcast teaching videos with? For God is NOT the author of disorder [chaos, confusion] but of peace – 1 Cor 14:33. Thank You Jesus for by Jesus’ stripes, she was healed!

The pastor in the video says he “has such a heart to see autism fall. I hate autism. It is not from God. The child is a gift from God. The condition is not. Let’s not mix the two.”

Hallelujah! A child’s identity is NOT a medical condition that is described as being a disorder. A child being oppressed by the enemy with a disorder is NOT called to believe that’s who he or she is – the disorder itself. No! Jesus came to set captives free.

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