Autism Spectrum Disorder and Brain Inflammation: an Unacceptable Attack of the Enemy on Children

Brain of Fire and Autism Spectrum Disorder by Dr. Hamilton

Excerpt from Dr. Hamilton’s article, The term for inflammation in the brain is encephalitis. Any practitioner hearing the term encephalitis knows immediate intervention is required. Yet we do not treat diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Autism with urgency even though both illnesses have documented neuroinflammation. Education about existing safe treatment and neuroprotective options is critical for practitioners.

As parents in Christ and as our children’s earthly protectors, there’s no way we’re settling for attacks of the enemy against our children’s brains, gut, body, and soul (mind, will, emotions), etc. Because the Word of God says we don’t have to! Praise God Jesus took and bore away ALL manner of sickness, disease, disorders, and spirits of infirmities for our children.

“The evidence that immune dysfunction likely plays a role in the etiology/pathophysiology of ASD (autism spectrum disorder) is becoming substantial…“Increasing evidence supports the presence of immune dysfunction and inflammation in the brains of children with ASD,” the authors concluded. 3

What exactly is triggering this inflammatory reaction is not yet known. But researchers believe that, in some cases, infections affecting the central nervous system in early childhood years may trigger an autoimmune response, causing antibodies to mistakenly attack healthy cells in the brain. These “autoantibodies” induce brain inflammation and the onset of abnormal behaviors associated with autism.” Is Autism caused by brain inflammation?

God is not the author of disorder [chaos] but of peace” – 1 Corinthians 14:33..including in the immune system.

God didn’t create body systems that attack one another within one’s body – that’s straight up disorder, chaos, and confusion. It’s NOT of God in any way for antibodies to attack healthy cells in a child’s brain. UNACCEPTABLE in the name of Jesus!

Brain study shows inflammation is a marker of autism

“There are many different ways of getting autism, but we found that they all have the same downstream effect,” says Prof. Dan Arking regarding his research team’s finding that brains affected by autism share a pattern of inflammation as a result of increased immune responses.

And we know that the devil has a MYRIAD of ways, and even more so in these times, to easily attack DNA, the human genome and cause genetic disorders and dysfunctions – thus, just because something is genetic in origin DOES NOT mean God caused it.

The Holy Spirit blessed me with much wisdom on the truth about the enemy’s attack upon our DNA – book of life – to cause sickness in my book, “No! God Didn’t Give You a Child with Autism: He Gave You Victory Over Autism Through the Power of the Word.”

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