Demons Were Real in Jesus’ Day-Are They Real Today?

If saw my recent teaching podcastPhysical and Spiritual Causes of Autism Spectrum Disorder – or have watched my AHD channel, you know what I believe: the Word of God.

Quote from the video by brother Carrin, “Everything Jesus taught about demons is real. More than 30% of Jesus’ recorded ministry was spent in direct conflict with unclean spirits.

For the first 30 plus years of my ministry…I never preached on sermon about casting out demons. Now, if you read the NT, you” find that Jesus gave that authority and power to all of the original disciples.

Not only that. When He gave the Great Commission, He said, “To the end of the age, these signs will follow those who believe. In My name, they will cast out demons.”

As Christians and Bible Believing pastors, we need to preach the WHOLE counsel of God. We don’t need to back off from confronting demons and teaching congregations that they’re real. We need the full empowering and authority of the Holy Spirit.

If their church [his parents] had properly taught them, my parents could have gone in that house, addressed it [demons controlling house] in the authority of Jesus Christ and chased every demon out of it.

We churches and we pastors better get serious about preaching the whole NT. It is not our privilege to deviate from one part because our denomination disapproves of it.

If you’re in one of those denominations that’s going to disapprove of something Jesus taught, tell the denomination good-bye. Go on with the Lord. Move with Christ. Leave the other junk behind.”

A million amen’s, brother Carrin! Let’s “go on for the Lord” and flee these fake, weak, man fearing churches and “move with Christ!”

Many children with autism spectrum disorder need deliverance.

Lord, raise up a great many with hearts full of Christlike love, mercy, and compassion who’ll do Your will: heal the sick, cast out, and set captives free.

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