Mama Don’t You Know?: An Unplanned Pregnancy Resource

Mama Dont You Know Pro Life Book-1

Unplanned pregnancy? Need guidance?

Well, it’s no accident you’re reading these words. God loves you and the child you’re carrying.

Filled with words of encouragement and the heart of God and His love towards you and your child, you’ll find information such as:

Mama, Don’t You Know? – a story inspired by God in the heart of the author. What every breath and heartbeat of your child is saying.

May God’s Light Comfort You – encouraging words, comfort, and guidance.

God Promises to Guide You

God Promises to Take Care of You and Your Child

Your Child Has a Divine Purpose from God

Your Child’s Father

Adoption. A Beautiful and Honorable Option. Even Jesus was Adopted.

Need Direction and Help? – Some practical guidance.

God tells us to share our stories and testimonies of His love and faithfulness to help, comfort, and encourage others.

Written from the perspective of a single mother, the author does this too.

This book also makes a wonderful resource for life-affirming, crisis pregnancy centers to make available to the women they are serving.

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