“Catholic Bishop Urges Believers Not to Receive Vaccines Made With Fetal Byproducts: “Their Body Was Used as Spare Parts”


Catholic Bishop Urges Believers Not to Receive Vaccines Made With Fetal Byproducts: “Their Body Was Used as Spare Parts”

Link to the article: https://elizabethjohnston.org/catholic-bishop-urges-believers-not-to-receive-vaccines-made-with-fetal-byproducts-their-body-was-used-as-spare-parts/?mc_cid=be4433d87b&mc_eid=65f6a549ed

Not only is it an abomination in the eyes of the Lord. It gives demonic access to our children.

Why? Vaccines that contain cell proteins and DNA from babies slaughtered in the human sacrifice of abortion. Again, injecting human sacrifice from the shedding of innocent blood. This is one of the most abominable and disgusting things in the eyes of the Lord and absolutely gives place to the devil – permission – for him to attack our children with sickness, disease, autism, etc etc etc. along with the myriad of toxic and poisonous substances they contain (e.g disinfectants and heavy metals).

Plus, Christians who continue to say nothing and participate in vaccines containing murdered babies “spare parts” are perpetuating and creating a demand for it to be done again – including in a coronavirus vaccine. God’s people must speak up for the most innocent – defenseless unborn babies – and refusing their products created in evil to line their pockets with billions in the ONLY right answer in the eyes of God. Plus, we either take Him for His Word or we don’t. See Psalm 91. It’s better to trust in God than in man.

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