“Mom, now I’m not alone” – Healed of Autism

“Mom, now I’m not alone.” Heartbreaking words from a little boy healed from autism communicating what he felt like when he used to be captive in the mind by the enemy with autism spectrum disorder.

“He was never physically alone, but even when we was with people, he couldn’t connect to people. He was alone no matter what. He was by himself.

That’s how evil physical problems are. It kept that little boy trapped in bondage. That’s evil. We need to hate physical problems. Hate what God hates. Love what God loves.

But when it comes to physical problems have no respect for them at all. You kill that problem through the life of Christ through prayer because Jesus took it upon Himself. Because freedom is good. Physical problems are bad. But Jesus is good.” – Pastor Cecil

The boy’s words made me weep, and then the pastor’s words made be cheer because he speaks truth: we must hate sickness because God hates sickness.

That’s why it’s so heartbreaking that most of the world normalizing this DISORDER including in many churches!

The Lord showed me the same thing that if these children could be free for only moments they’d never want to go back. It’s absolutely tragic that anyone thinks they can speak for these kids as if they actually know what’s it’s like to be in their bodies. They have no idea what it feels like to be captive in the mind by the devil and feel utterly alone and unreachable 24/7 like the little boy did from the testimony.

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