“Son with autism showing major improvement after declaring 1 John 4:17”

Source: Joseph Prince ministry

I absolutely loooooovvvveeeeee seeing the power of the Word of God healing children from autism spectrum disorder. I’m so thankful a friend of mine messaged me this testimony.

Though, my son has always been verbal, I can completely relate to how the symptoms of this DISORDER causes a parent to feel like their child is a stranger. Which is exactly why I wrote a song called Stranger in a Strange Land in 2019 before I began to see major and significant changes in my son’s health, symptoms of autism falling away by the power of the Word.

Like it says above never give up on God and His Word!

Healing can be progressive which is why the Lord reminds me to mention it that we don’t give up as well as noting at the same time, we don’t make a doctrine out of progressive healing…

“As children of God, we need not make a doctrine out of progressive healing or healing that takes time. For example, if it took three years of praying before one child was healed from autism, it doesn’t mean it will take as long for your child. Healing can manifest at any time even with one prayer, but I am certain the Lord not only directed me to write this prayer book but helped me the entire way. This is because some healing from sickness can be a battle with demonic forces opposing it [Ephesians 6:12]. We must keep praying and not give up until healing manifests and keep our words lined up with God’s, “By Jesus’s stripes my child WAS healed.” What He says is the greater truth. Always.” – from my book Head to Toe Healing from Autism and Other Neuroimmune Disorders – A Book of 31 Scriptural Prayers for Your Child

Glory to God! Lord, we thank You for this child’s TOTAL healing and deliverance from autism spectrum disorder in Jesus’ name, amen.

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