An 11th hour book title and cover change!

Oy! Been working hard trying to get the last bit of book 3 in the series finished and ready for publishing. To make it more consistent I changed the title, so “autism” is in the main title and subtitle and decided to change the cover.

Even with the Lord’s help, we have to walk it out in the natural. I wish I could provide a release date, but I’m not sure yet. As I was editing, I ended up adding a Part 2. Hee hee!

God bless you and yours abundantly, and I enjoy your emails and praying prayers of faith for your children, expecting victory.

2 responses to “An 11th hour book title and cover change!”

  1. I like the new cover! It’s more visually appealing and makes it clearer on what to expect inside the book.


    1. D.R. Warring, Christian Author Avatar
      D.R. Warring, Christian Author

      I appreciate it, Chantal! Before I had autism only in the subtitle and thought hmmm…better make it more clear just as you said. God bless you and yours! ❤


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