A reader’s beautiful book review and her beautiful ministry to mothers

Wow! What a beautiful, powerful, and touching review of book 1 in my Jesus Took Autism series, Autism Is Not God’s Will for Your Child (Nor You!): Scriptural Proof This Disorder Exalts Itself Against the Will of God, So You May Take Authority Over Autism in Jesus’ Name.

This precious mama also reached out to me and shared about her ministry to mothers “with children facing health challenges.”

I praise God for mama’s in Christ whom the Lord uses to take the first step, to be the ambassadors He calls us to be, and bless others in His name. (See her gorgeous graphic and information below).

Lord, bless her and lead many mamas to fellowship, pray, and know Your truth that You gave us authority over sickness in Jesus’ name to see our children shed like grave clothes the symptoms of autism spectrum disorder and other diseases and disorders.

Hallelujah to the Lamb of God!

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