Satan Twisting “The Image of God” & Autism EXPOSED | Autism Healing and Deliverance

“So God created man in His own image; in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them,” (Genesis 1:27).

A teaching on my Autism Healing and Deliverance channel that covers how satan twists and uses Genesis 1:27 (pre-fall of man) out of context to deceive people into attributing his oppression and captivity – sickness, disease, disorders (e.g. ASD) – to God.

In context, it is written in Acts 10:38, “God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Spirit and with power, who went about doing good and healing all who were oppressed by the devil, for God was with Him.”

The Word is clear that the devil has been attacking His image bearers with the captivity of sickness, disease, and disorders since the fall of man when sin opened the door to all forms of death.

In Genesis 1:27, when God created Adam and Eve, He created them in PERFECT health in His image as He, of course, has no sickness, diseases, disorder, or defect in Him in any way, shape, or form.

But after the fall, after sin and death and sickness (a form of death) entered the world, the evil one began attacking man, God’s image bearers. So to say that, for example, these children with terrible tumors on their faces were made in the image of God would be true in the sense that they are human but that their human form (made in the image of a perfect God) was violently attacked by the enemy tumors and a cleft lip/palate.

Because these deformity attacks are OUTWARD ones – horrible tumors and a mouth defect that splits it open – it’s easier for people to observe the enemy’s works against these image bearers of God and say, “The enemy has attacked these little image bearers of God with these tumors.”

And we know by the Word that the Lord defines ALL sickness as oppression of the enemy or a curse never a blessing (Acts 10:38; Luke 13:16; Deuteronomy 28).

The attack of the enemy can be JUST AS VIOLENT against a child’s body and soul (mind, will, emotions) with disorders like autism but just simply not in the form of an obvious tumor.

The third child above, an image bearer of God, was born with a cleft lip (possibly a cleft palate as well), and we see her parents sought medical attention and surgeons repaired it, thus removing the defect that would have caused many health problems in her future. But wait…was the child not made in the image of God with that cleft lip? Then, why did the parents bother to correct the defect to her face? Because it’s clear that the enemy had attacked her face through some means, so surgeons were able to restore her face to God’s intended features to good health.

Thus, it is for parents who are praying for their children to be healed from autism spectrum disorder. For their minds and bodies to be healed and restored to God’s will – as is His image – whole and healthy – thus freeing them from the captivity of the enemy – restoring good health to their bodies and soul – mind, will, emotions.

Sadly, the evil one has deceived a great many, including in the church, into embracing, agreeing with, and claiming as their children’s VERY identities his disorders – some to idolatrous levels. Redefining them contrary to God’s Word and magnifying them above His truth.

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