Vaccines and Autism Brochure – God’s people perish for lack of knowledge



Vaccines and autism brochure – Download and share your copy from today.

The Bible says that even God’s people perish for lack of knowledge. Autism is not of God. The pharmaceutical industry that mainly profits when people are sick and stay sick do not care about us and our children but the god they bow down to: money.

Read the Word of for yourself to see the depths of evil people are actually capable of perpetuating against fellow human beings.

Father, bring those to great justice who’ve maimed our children with autism spectrum disorder using vaccines and chemicals in our environment, water, and food that should be illegal.

Autism is not just another personality type or identity – the devil is a liar. The devil has deceived many, including those in the church.

This is a very serious disorder that causes brain and gut damage and ravages the minds of children and the sanity of families. The intent of it is to steal, kill, and destroy entire destinies of children and their caretakers, usually the mother.

Father, that Your people would wake up and not accept the works of satan in their children’s life and these literal crimes against them.

Get your copy. Download and share if you care. Share with your pastor and church.

Click to access Autism-brochure-BW-8.5×11.pdf

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