Autism: Magnify the Word of God NOT the Symptoms and Doctors’ Reports


Testimonies are powerful connections from our faith to our miracles. The above testimony is not an autism spectrum disorder or neuroimmune disorder healing, but a brain aneurysm one. BUT, if you are believing the promises of God for healing for your child, this is an INCREDIBLE model of faith to follow and how to speak to and about doctor’s reports, sickness, and magnifying the LORD’S REPORT over limited man’s.

Some quotes from the testimony…

“The doctor said she wouldn’t leave the hospital alive.”

But her faith and Word-filled husband, answered the doctor’s report with the Word of God, “With long life will I satisfy you and show you.”

The doctor said there’s a “10% chance she survives the hole to relieve the aneurysm.” Where the aneurysm was they had to make a delicate cut, the doctor said a nerve had to be cut and asked the husband which one should he cut “the one for walking or the one for talking?”

Husband said, “Cut off walking. It doesn’t matter she’ll be fine…Jesus Christ has healed her 2000 years ago.”

What a blessing to have a husband who stood by the Word of the Lord no matter what he saw or heard!

This kind of faith is the call of every believer.

We know Jesus is the Word, so when we magnify the Word, we magnify Jesus, the name above every name, including autism spectrum disorder.

Praying for you child’s healing and deliverance from autism spectrum disorder? Get my book and cover him or her in the powerful Word of God from head to toe. Each prayer includes spiritual warfare against the symptoms. Also, there are scripture-based teachings on healing and faith before and after the prayers. Click on the image to get your eBook or paperback copy!


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