I came across this article recently, “Neuroinflammation: The Brain is on fire in a Cytokine Storm,” and was deeply grieved.

The article opens saying, “The term for inflammation in the brain is encephalitis. Any practitioner hearing the term encephalitis knows immediate intervention is required. Yet we do not treat diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Autism with urgency even though both illnesses have documented neuroinflammation.” 

There’s been a horrible movement, inspired by satan, that parents who want their child healed from autism are in the wrong and trying to heal a person from just who they are. But a look at the brain and guts of a child with autism spectrum disorder tells a different story.

A brain on fire in a cytokine crap storm from hell is NOT just another neurotype!

A brain on fire with a leaky blood brain barrier that allows the brain to be damaged and attacked thus altering the child utterly, often disabling the child is not his/her identity nor representation of his/her TRUE God-given personality!

NO! The thief came and stole that child’s mind and purpose as well as the true purpose and calling of his/her main caretaker. Most often mom.

We are talking similar brain inflammation and damage as Alzheimer’s.

Another excerpt from the above mentioned article:

“Children unfortunately are not immune to neuroinflammation. Autism and ADHD are both diseases with neuroinflammation as the underlying cellular mechanism. Children with autism have been shown to have microglial and astrocytic activation along with pro-inflammatory cytokines in both the nervous system and systemically.

Chronic microglial activation causes cell loss and reduced connectivity which are both found in brains of those with autism. The greater the cell loss and connectivity issues, the worse the symptoms of autism.

When the pathology of neuroinflammation in Alzheimer’s is compared to autism, the activation of microglia and astrocytes with subsequent release of pro-inflammatory cytokines is similar. If we have children with neuroinflammation like adults with neurodegenerative disease, we have serious problems ahead for our society.”

That last line bears repeating: “If we have children with neuroinflammation like adults with neurodegenerative disease, we have serious problems ahead for our society.”

Who could convince a “militant” group of autism supporters to say these words? “Nothing should be done to help or heal people with autism. It’s just who they are. It’s just their neurotype. You need to accept their differences” Well, satan of course.

This is why the church MUST speak the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth of God’s Word not concerned who will be offended.

Autism Spectrum Disorder. Disorder means chaos. God is not the Author of disorder or chaos. ALL sickness including autism is a work of the devil. PERIOD. The Word makes this clear. Jesus commanded us to heal the sick in His name.

What is the church waiting for? Autism and other neuroimmune/neuroinflammatory disorders has become an epidemic. Unacceptable!

It needs to be cursed and cast out of children in the name of Jesus – a work of the devil is not to be coddled, embraced, or accepted.

Lord, let Your people wake up, rise up, and do the work You called them to for the setting free of captives – including the epidemic numbers of children captive in the mind and gut by the wicked “brain on fire” disorder autism. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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