Four, 5 star ratings for my Autism prayer book: Head to Toe Healing from Autism and Other Neuroimmune Disorders – A Book of 31 Scriptural Prayers for Your Child

Thank you so much, kind strangers and sisters/brothers in Christ! Yesterday, I was so moved to see more people took the time to bless the work of my hands unto the Lord with new precious-to-my-heart 5 star ratings.

I don’t have an advertising budget nor much time at all to promote this book from my heart and the Lord’s (because He wants your child well). So, I am always amazed that someone found my book, this work of love, bought it, then took time from their busy lives to rate it.

The Word says that we should never despise humble beginnings.

I pray the Lord leads many more to this book that speaks His truth about autism spectrum DISORDER vs. God’s will. It also has head to toe Word based life giving prayers of faith paired with prayers of authority.

I pray whosoever finds it is abundantly blessed. The Lord blessed me with powerful revelations to be a blessing to you and your faith for your child. He is so good!

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