The George Müller Story (2019, animated)

I recently watched this animated George Müller story (alone) and truly enjoyed it. He had an incredible and inspiring testimony of living by the Word: The just shall live by faith.

Here’s the description by The Torchlighters that is below the video:

George Müller lived on radical prayer, depending on God to supply all his needs instead of asking others for help—even in his most desperate situations. By the time God opened his eyes to the neglected street children and the horrors of the workhouses, Müller did what he had always done: he prayed and trusted God to accomplish the impossible. In this 18th episode of the Torchlighters, discover God’s miraculous provision and the power of prayer as Müller cared for 10,000 orphans over the span of 50 fruitful years.

Prayers of faith to God, our Father, in Jesus’ name move mountains.

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